The Pied Piper1943. Michael Hamilton, just out of hospital after being wounded in the war, goes to recuperate in a cottage on the Norfolk coast. He is to share the cottage with Anna and Peter, a mother and son who are living there after their London home was bombed a couple of years earlier. The nearby village is reeling from a series of recent tragedies involving the local children, and, within days, Michael himself prevents a further death from happening. He sets about looking for answers at the same time as becoming attracted to Peter – someone who seems to be at the very heart of the mystery.The School Bell <-- click here for book 2Summer, 1943. Following the events of "The Pied Piper," life has returned to normal for Michael and Peter. When they attend a pacifist meeting in Norwich, they meet an old acquaintance, Robert Fitzgerald. He and his family live at Holmes Manor, an apparently-haunted former school just outside of the city. Michael and Peter accept a dinner invitation from Robert, and find themselves unexpectedly being offered a reward if they can rid the building of its ghosts. However, not all is as it seems at the manor, and both the building and the family living there will have to reveal their dark secrets.