He’s on the trail of crooked cats. Can a doggy detective make this crime their last meow?Canine private eye Trigger wishes someone would throw him a bone. Without a case to solve, the quick-witted Chihuahua is stuck digging for scraps in a city run by criminal cats. So he thinks his luck has changed when a classy purebred hires him to find her priceless stolen collar.With his client insisting that an infamous master thief took the jewel-studded accessory, Trigger sniffs around for clues. But what he digs up is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take down the city’s wicked feline kingpin…Can Trigger restore law and order, or is he barking up the wrong tree?Detective Trigger and the Ruby Collar is the first book in an entertaining middle-grade mystery series. If you and your child like clever animals, stories about private eyes, and canine heroes, then you’ll both love M.A. Owens’ hairy whodunit.