Dragon Drum Machine has been awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree ( https//ap…om/). It will be free to download from the 30 of April to the 2 of May! Get MyAppFree to discover more offers and sales!Dragon is a drum machine built to quickly and easily make glitch, distorted, lofi drum beats and manipulate them live. The drums are simple and flexible, capable of some classic drum machine sounds and also new weirdness. Each is synthesized in real time and sent to a multi effect rig with variable speed stutter, bit reduction, pitched feedback delay, down-sample, reverb, and a resonant bandpass filter. The drums are triggered by a four pattern step sequencer. Patterns can be changed individually for each drum or triggered together for quick pattern switches for all drums.Features:Four pattern sequencer with local and global pattern controlBPM control with nudgingSave/load presetsRecord audio as wavThree drum synths:-Bass-similar to tr-808 with more consistent pitch-Snare-similar to tr-909 with added fm and delay-Hi-hat-two tones and noise with fmEffects rig:-Asymmetry and tanh(x) for tape like distortion-Pitched feedback delay-Retrigger (aka stutter/buffer) with variable speed and reversing-Bit reduction-Down-sample-Reverb-Resonant bandpass filterPreset management and wav export requires permission for file storage read/writeUnpaid version disables preset saving and audio recordingPossible future ports to desktop and ios. Made with Pure Data and libGDX. Any questions, concerns, or creations, please contactFull parameter and effect reference:SYNTH PARAMETERSBass drum-Freq: Frequency. Locks into semitones so you can harmonize easilyDecay: Amplitude decayFreq Env Dec: Frequency envelope decay. Changes how fast the pitch dropsFreq Env Amt: Frequency envelope amount. Changes how much the pitch dropsNoise: Noise burst for clickAmp: Bass drum ampSnare drum-Tone Low Dec: Tone low decayTone High Dec: Tone high decayNoise Dec: Noise decayFM: Frequency modulate the low tone by the high toneFreq: Frequency. Locks into semitones so you an harmonize easily, though fm and the high tone potentially bring inharmonic tonesFreq Env: Frequency envelope. Changes how much the pitch dropsDelay: Feedback delayDelay ms: Milliseconds of delayTone Distance: Distance between low and high tonesAmp: Volume of snareHi-Hat-Freq: FrequencyFM: Frequency modulate the toneTone Dec: Tone decayTone Amp: Tone amplitudeNoise Dec: Noise decayNoise Amp: Tone amplitudeEFFECTSRetrig: Loop audio by the specified time interval (bottom box) within the range of another time interval (top box)Rev: reverse retrigger’s playbackSpeed: control the speed of the retrigger’s playbackBit Red: Bit reducer. Mixes in a low bit signalBP Filt: Band-pass filter. All the way left is offTanh: Amplifies and the waveshapes the signal through a hyperbolic tangent curve. Creates a tape-like distortionAsym: Adds to the signal, creating a DC offset. Needs Tanh turned a bit for a significant effectDown Samp: Down-sample the signalReverb: Mixes in reverb signalDelay: Pitched feedback delay dry/wetDelay ms: Milliseconds of delayFreq: Adjust the pitch that the delayed signal is adjusted by. Also locks into semitones (0-12)