Hey all this time it’s a single parents (thanks Patrick your correct dads are parents too) only food parcel just because I’m a single mum myself and it has kids things in it .. you know when things are on special I will buy extra and if I don’t use it then it gets compiled …. wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all did the same and give it to someone who is in need but won’t ask for help because pride won’t let them.. always give when you can because do you know you can actually make that persons day or week just by clearing out your cupboards regularly it costs nothing to be kind Beans 2x 200gNescafé Alta rica 190gSugar 2kgDolmio Tin tomatoes Barny sponge bears (no colours preservatives)Pancakes Tricolore fusilli 500gRobinsons real fruit 1.75LSurf detergent tropical lily 47 washes Comfort fabric conditioner 55 washes Freezer food Mince Beef olives Steak for mum Sausages Richmond 10left Chicken italia heck sausagesCurly fries McCain Spices wedges McCain Chips crinkle large bag Fridge Milkybar yoghurts (no photos as my daughter will want to play with them)Lastly And a Treat for mum Collection only sorry but if your struggling to get a lift if you don’t drive we can figure it out Milton of Leys