Hey, lovely people! Just popping on here to share some free books that look really awesome that I found when scrolling through Amazon this morning. You’re welcome in advance, because some of these look like potential new favourites!“How to be a Corporate Queen” by Ashley NaumannThis one is the most remarkable picks for me. This is a book to help you navigate the ever-so-awkward process of asking for and achieving a long-overdue promotion and, in turn, your dream life (yay!). The author is a female empowerment consultant and owner of Beauty and a Boss, which specializes in helping women to either level up in their 9-5 or to transition from their 9-5 to entrepreneurship through her course ‘LEVEL UP: Become a Corporate Queen’! I think this could be a game-changer for women who want to climb the corporate ladder or own a business. amazon.co.uk/dp/…G33“The Debt Collector” by Jon MillsThis is about a man who is in a mob, but, at the end of a prison term, wants out. Of course, leaving such a group isn’t generally good news—but he is offered a way out by doing one last task. Sound exciting? I’m crossing my fingers that this one will be a nail-biter! amazon.co.uk/dp/…11I“Accidentally Yours: A Steamy Small-Town Romance” by Alexa RiversThis sounds like an exciting storyline that could only leave you breathless and wanting more. The author is Alexa Rivers, who writes about steamy, heartfelt, small-town romances. I’m looking forward to reading this one!amazon.co.uk/dp/…BN9“Fluffy” by Julia KentThis one sounds absolutely hilarious fun book. The author Julia Kent is known for her quirky, funny stories, so I have a fair amount of faith that this one will give me a few giggles! In ‘Fluffy’, Mallory is desperate for a job, and the one she takes (off Craigslist) gets her in a bit of a pickle: it brings her high school crush, Will, back into her life ten years later! According to the blurb, Mallory ends up working for Will—and falling for him all over again.amazon.co.uk/dp/…638“In Pursuit of Happiness” by Freya KennedyThis book is about following your dreams, and from its synopsis, it seems to be very inspiring. This is a follow-up to The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn, and is set in the lovely town of Derry in Northern Ireland. Here, the main focus is on Jo, who dreams of getting her book published, although she is too worried to put it book out there. (Little Women vibes, anybody?) I can’t wait to read this one!amazon.co.uk/dp/…DYF