Collection Only. Recliner Sofa & Recliner Armchair, Needs An Upholstery Cleaning Or Recover It Has a few slight rip marks on bottom edge when the recliner is open and plus they both still have their fire labels. The backs come of so easier to transport. The wet marks you see in photos are me trying to clean it with Dr Beckham Carpet Upolstry Cleaner, but I think it needs a electric upolstry cleaning machine to fully clean it, because I only used bottle version and I have 2 extra bottles unopened you can have with it to see if you have better luck because I also have joint condition and I can’t use pressure or have strong grip because of it. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Would be ideal for a student house, because we know many never look after the furniture so being FREE you don’t have to worry about buying brand new. I hope this will help someone else out please collect ASAP Thank You.