Heart-warming story about breaking down barriers and embracing each other’s differences.Time has come for Hazel the rat to leave his mum and make it on his own in the big, wide world.Hapless Hazel must learn how to build a nest and find food. Hazel must also watch out for the DREADED GROAK, the most feared and loathsome creature in the woods.When Hazel suddenly finds himself face to face with the dreaded groak, he is forced to confront his fears. He finds that sometimes things aren’t quite as they seem and that special friendships can be found in unexpected places.The Dreaded Groak is a beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book, suitable for children age 3-5 years or an early reader age 6+. It gently introduces awareness of prejudice, discrimination (e.g. racism, disability or LGBT) and bullying and contains positive messages such as:being aware of the effect of behaviour on others;the importance of being kind;facing up to and confronting one’s fears;giving everyone a chance – those who do can be rewarded with special friendships; those who don’t are the ones who miss out;never judging a book by its cover;accepting and embracing other’s differences;finding friendships in unexpected places.