Jael Furyck is Brekka’s greatest warrior, destined to be the queen, but when her father dies, her uncle steals the throne. And now he plans to marry her off; eager to remove the threat she poses to his reign; keen to forge an alliance with his arch-enemy that will fill his empty coffers with gold.Eadmund Skalleson is broken by grief, sinking further into an ale-pit of despair. But his father is out of patience. He wants Eadmund to be the heir to the throne he so desperately needs, before it’s too late. Before he has no choice but to turn to an unthinkable alternative.And as the scheming kings of Brekka and Oss embrace their newfound alliance, plotting to conquer their rich southern neighbours, Jael and Eadmund find themselves desperately searching for an escape from the fast-approaching destiny neither of them wants.A destiny planned by the gods themselves.This box set includes the first three books in A.E. Rayne’s enthralling fantasy series, The Furyck Saga. An epic adventure of swords and sorcery, love and betrayal, dark magic and an ancient prophecy that emerges from the shadows to weave a mysterious web around them all.Come and start the journey today…Includes over 2000 pages of epic fantasy:Winter’s FuryThe Burning SeaNight of the Shadow MoonGOODREADS LINK:‌ goodreads.com/boo…aga