You can pick the game for free for the next 2 days.Steam PageDescriptionIn a dystopia where wealthy capitalists control elections, media, and the lives of working people, we’re faced with two choices – accept it or fight for something better.Tonight We Riot doesn’t have just one hero. Instead, you play as a movement of people whose wellbeing determines the success of your revolution.“Tonight We Riot” is an unapologetically political, socialist game about worker liberation in the face of overpowering capitalism. It’s also quite a bit of fun to play.” – Variety”…for all those folks who need to get out their political anger” – USGamer Core FeaturesCouch co-op20 unlockable weapons, gear, and perksA dogA wood chipperWhimsyEndless ModeKaijuHorror SynthThe unique catharsis that only comes from throat-punching a billionaireHope it helps.