Used Kingsize bedframe and mattress, free for collection from Old Trafford M16 9AS. Solid Wood and Brown Leather bedframe with 2x drawers.Bedframe: The piece of wood that goes down the middle, for the slats to go over horizontally, has snapped. You can either just buy a new piece of wood very cheaply or, try and repair the piece. I have owned the bedframe for years, I spent over £800 on the frame, its not one of the cheap, pleather ones.. It has some knocks and tears and has been modified along the way, namely the brackets that hold the central piece. You’ll find once built, it is completely solid and doesn’t look old at all. Has big roomy solid wood drawers but, one has a split in the base, doesn’t effect functionality and most of the wheels are damaged or missing. Very easily and cheaply replaced if you need them.Mattress: Was bought about 12 months ago and has been used by my teenage son so could do with a clean but, no springs coming through. I won’t hold, first come, first served. Was dismantled last night and is currently blocking my doorway.