A well reviewed book here to help you do well in your next interview as you look to land a new job or find a replacement for an existing one or have been put into this situation because of layoffs etc.Good luck with your interview too by the way DescriptionWinning Answers teaches you not only the questions you can expect to receive but also why those questions are being asked. By reading the book cover-to-cover, you’ll learn effective answers that will take your interviewing ability to the next level. Listen to Lavie. He’ll make you comfortable from the first handshake to your first day in your new corner office.Winning Answers is a crisp, clean, must-read for job seekers. An insightful career guide, this book is invaluable for employees looking to take the next step. Employers love author and noted career coach Lavie Margolin because he always sends them polished job seekers who are up for any interview challenge.Hope it helps someone.