The importance of physical and mental well being can never be stressed enough, and actively practicing yoga could be a very good way of ensuring just that.DescriptionDiscover what yoga can bring to your life and wellbeing. This illustrated yoga guide for beginners will provide you with all you need to know to get into yoga.Yoga is way more than you think! Yoga will not only allow you to have a healthy body ready for the task at hand, but will also greatly strengthen your mind. Broadly speaking, yoga refers to a collection of practices for body, mind, and soul which originated in ancient India. Yoga is a means of discovering the dysfunctions in our perception and cognition. Through yoga, we overcome these to liberate ourselves from suffering, bringing forth inner peace and wellbeing.Practicing yoga will grant your body the following physical benefits:Increased flexibility and agilityStronger and better toned musclesMore energy and vitalityImproved respiration and metabolismReduced weight (closer to your ideal weight)Better cardiovascular and circulatory healthHigher athletic performanceAs well as the following mental benefits:Increased focusReduced stress levelsDiminished anxiety and fidgetinessMore motivation and willpowerMore happinessHeightened empathyIncreased emotional resilienceInside you will find 101 illustrated yoga poses from beginner to a more advanced level. You can mix and match 101 different yoga poses to design your own sequences. The poses have been ordered from easiest to the hardest.Hope it helps someone.